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Frequently Asked Questions


We seek to get orders into the mail (we ship using USPS) within 14 days of purchase.

Because we are a small business and make all our collars by hand, this timeline is subject to change.

We suggest hand washing your BioThane products with a mild soap and water as needed. If there is a poor smell, you can use a diluted white vinegar solution to wash items, then rinse with mild soap and water.

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Let the items air dry completely before putting back on your dog. Metal buckles and screws are not solid brass and may be susceptible to corrosion. Proper maintenance and drying will extend the life of these items.

Items will not be replaced due to corrosion, normal wear and tear, etc. Please be sure this metal is best for you and your dog prior to purchase.

Do not leave items out in the sunlight as extended exposure to UV rays may fade the colors.

Please remove all items from your dog before using any spray items such as insect repellents, heartworm prevention, etc. as these may stain materials. Make sure these items are completely dry before placing your collars and leashes back on your dog.

Due to the custom nature of our products, orders cannot be canceled and refunded once the order has been placed. Please do your research on products, measure for proper sizing, and ensure you are purchasing the correct item ahead of time.

We are a small business that makes each product to order and by hand. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Due to the custom nature of our products, orders cannot be returned and/or refunded once the order has been placed. Returns will only be accepted in the event it was a mistake on our end. Thank you for your understanding.


We are a proud partner of Fi Dogs and as a Fi Maker we can make Fi compatible collars, providing our customers with the proper links to make them compatible with the Fi module, but we do not sell the module itself. To purchase a module, you must visit tryfi.com


When you purchase a Pimped Out Pup Fi Compatible Collar, you are purchasing a handmade BioThane collar that can be complete with a set of Fi endlinks that allow you to connect it to your existing Fi GPS collar. You will not receive the GPS module with the purchase of a collar from our website.

All of our collars are made with a endloop system that allows customers to purchase multiple collars while only needing to purchase 1 set of endlinks.


This loop structure allows customers to slide the endlinks in and out of the collars and change up your dog’s style, look, and colors.


Depending on the model of ecollar you are using you may need a 1″ wide strap or a 3/4″ wide strap. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ecollar modules and the size you’ll need here. 

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