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We make biothane collars for every need. From ecollar compatible collars to fi compatible collars and even the classic every-day dog collar. Biothane makes life easier with it’s stink-free, waterproof, easy to clean material.

All of our collars are made with heavy duty BioThane and metal hardware, making it a sturdy collar that should last a long time.

Orange BioThane Ecollar

Fi Collars

Switch out your nylon collar for a waterproof, stink free, tough collar.


Add a quick release buckle to your ecollar and make the on/off so much easier.


Choose from over 25 colors and 3 hardware options for your perfect collar.

Why choose BioThane for your dog’s collar? BioThane is soft and flexible like leather, but tough, stink free, and easy to wash! Choose from over 25 different colors to customize the perfect collar for you and your pup. We make all kinds of collars; from Fi Compatible to Ecollar Compatible, and more!

Fi Compatible Collars

Our Fi compatible collars are the perfect companion to your Fi module. They are tough, stink free, and easy to clean! We’ve got both 1″ and 3/4″ styles to fit your large or small dog. What makes our Pimped Out Pup collars unique? We’ve made it so that all of our Fi collars are interchangeable with just a single set of Fi Links! This means you can change the color and style of your collar without paying a fortune. So go ahead, purchase both of your favorite colors.

Ecollar Strap

Replace that stiff plastic strap that comes with your ecollar and get a soft, flexible, sturdy strap from Pimped Out Pup. Our straps are embossed to look and feel like leather, but come in over 26 color options ensuring that you find the perfect one for your dog.

 Everyday Collars

Get an everyday collar in either 3/4″ width or a 1″ width. Some are a single color while others are two-toned! Our BioThane colors are perfect for any pup; they are beautiful, soft, durable, and easy to clean! Get your favorite dog collar from us today.

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