Pimped Out Pup

Everyday Collars

Sick of that nylon collar always getting stinky and dirty? Time to switch it out for a BioThane dog collar that the perfect leather alternative. BioThane is sturdy, easy to wash, won’t hold onto smell, and comes in over 25 colors!

Customizable Everyday Collars

From single tone to two tone, build the perfect colored collar in the perfect size to fit your pup.

Ready to Ship Everyday Collars

Need something now? We’ve got a handle of pre-made collars that might just fit your need.

Whether you need a collar for your puppy or your full grown Great Dane, we’ve got you covered. Our BioThane everyday collars come in two widths, 1″ and 3/4″. They are customizable with over 25 color options and 3 hardware options. Make your dog’s collar as unique as they are with a stink free, durable, easy to clean BioThane collar.

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