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3/4 Inch Fi Compatible Collar (double screw)

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  • Great for small dogs!
  • Collar width is 3/4″.
  • This collar has 2 screws on each side of the Fi Module to ensure no movement occurs within the strap as your dog runs and wrestles.
  • The smallest size we can make is 10″ around.
  • If you don’t have a set of Fi Links, you can add them to this product below. Collar does not include Fi Module – to purchase the module, visit https://tryfi.com/ to purchase.


Our 3/4″ size is a little bit smaller and a little bit lighter than our 1″ size making it a great option for smaller dogs. Please note that the section connecting to the Fi links is 1″ wide to ensure proper weight balance on the Fi Module itself. The rest of the collar is then 3/4″ width.

Due to the custom nature of our products, items cannot be returned – please measure appropriately to ensure the perfect fit.

This is the color of the tabs that surround the Fi module.
Please measure your dog's neck in inches and report the number here. Smallest size is 10 inches.
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  • Product Price: $34.00
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2 tone fi compatible 3/4" collar
  • Interchangeable Design

    Our Fi Link loop system allows you to slide Fi links in and out of the collar. This means you can use multiple Pimped Out Pup Fi compatible collars with just a single set of Fi Links.

  • Size Options

    Our BioThane Fi Compatible Collars come in 2 different widths; 1" and 3/4". Our 3/4" widths still have 1" loop systems to properly fit the Fi Links and module but have smaller hardware that works better for smaller dogs.

  • Ecollar Addition

    Like to use your Fi Collar for an Ecollar too? Look up the width you need for your Ecollar and purchase the appropriate Fi collar (1" or 3/4" width), then tell us in the comments that you want to add an Eollar.

  • Stink Free

    BioThane is easy to wash with just some water and mild soap. Plus, it doesn't hold on to smells! Dog peed on your leash? Simply wash it off and keep on going!

How To Attach Your Fi Module to our Fi compatible Collar

Make it a matching set!

Customize a BioThane Leash to match your Fi Compatible collar!

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  1. Casper’s mom

    The 3/4 inch two tone Fi compatible collar is a great upgrade from the heavy collar that came with the Fi device. The light weight, more compact design is a more suitable size for my dachshund beagle mix and is surely more comfortable for him. Good quality, well crafted, and the forest green and tan color combination are perfect for my handsome boy.

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