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How to size for dog collars, leashes, and more

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Choosing the right size dog gear is essential for your furry friend’s comfort and safety. From collars to leashes, ensuring a proper fit and correct length are imperative to correct functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore tips and techniques to help you accurately measure your dog and select the perfect gear for their size and breed, ensuring they’re always ready for any adventure that comes their way.

Collar Sizing Chart

The following charts are based on collar sizes found here at Pimped Out Pup. Please take proper measurements to ensure the best fit for your pup.

Size Chart

Size Name Range [in inches]
XSmall 7-11
Small 10-14
Medium 13-18
Large 15-20
XLarge 19-25
XXLarge 24-32

Measure this area in order to select the correct collar size

Use a soft tape measure to measure around the largest part of your dog’s neck. Using this measurement number (in inches) match it to the correct size in the chart.

You want to choose a size whose range covers the measurement number you took on your dog’s neck. For example; if my dog’s neck measures 16″ around, then I would purchase a size Medium.

Please consider the following when choosing a width for your collars and leashes; dog size, pull force/strength, collar weight.

Collar & Leash Widths

3/8 Inch - available in some leashes only

Small dogs (20 pounds or less) with smaller frames and smaller necks. These are lighter and won’t weigh down smaller dogs; however, because of the smaller size, they are quicker to break when pulled with force.

3/4 Inch - available in leashes and collars

Medium sized dogs (20-45 pounds) or growing puppies. The 3/4 inch works great as a leash that provides you with some pull strength without being large and overwhelming.

The 3/4 inch collar is great for mid-sized dogs and smaller puppies that you don’t want to weigh down with a larger collar. These collars are less bulky than the full 1 inch collar, and can look sleek on smaller to medium sized dogs.

1 Inch - available in leashes and collars

Medium to Larger dogs (40-65 pounds) or dogs with a higher pull strength will need a 1″ width leash. While we cannot provide a specific tinsel strength of these wider leashes, we do suggest that the larger the dog you have the larger the leash you get.

Our 1 inch collars look awesome on larger dogs as it does not overwhelm their beefy necks. We also suggest this larger width for dogs that have the potential to be hard on their gear.

Sizing Videos

Need help understanding how to measure for your collar, what size leash you need, or how to measure for our specialty leashes? Take a look at our helpful sizing videos.

Common Collar Sizes By Breed

The following is a list of popular dog breeds and their average neck sizes. Please note that these are just averages and you will need to measure your dog’s neck for exact sizing. Remember that we do not allow for returns or exchanges, so measure for accuracy.