Fi Compatible

Fi Dogs are adventure dogs! They go places, they roll in things, they get dirty…and they have a BLAST doing it. But who wants to smell all that gunk later? Ditch the nylon collar and get a Fi Compatible BioThane collar that stays stink-free, is easy to wash, and looks amazing.

Fi module is not included in purchase, to purchase the module, visit

1" Fi Collar

The 1″ collar is the same width as the Fi Links all the way around, choose from over 25 colors and 3 hardware options.


If you like to use your Fi collar with an Ecollar, let us know when checking out so that we can make the collar a bit longer to acomodate for the Ecollar module.

3/4" Fi Collar

The 3/4″ Fi collar has 1″ tabs that attach to the Fi Module, while the rest of the collar is only 3/4″ wide. The hardware is a little bit lighter and the width a little bit smaller making it a great option for our smaller Fi dogs.


If you use your Fi Collar with an Ecollar, let us know when ordering, we’ll make it a little bit longer to accommodate.

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