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Fi Compatible Collars

We are an official Fi Maker, which means our collars have been tested and approved by Fi.

Fi Dogs are adventure dogs! They go places, they roll in things, they get dirty…and they have a BLAST doing it. But who wants to smell all that gunk later? Ditch the nylon collar and get a Fi Compatible BioThane collar that stays odor free, is easy to wash, waterproof, and even looks amazing.

Fi module is not included in purchase, to purchase the module, visit tryfi.com

The Odor Free, Waterproof, & Durable Fi Collar Option

We have several styles for the Fi dog community! We know our Fi dog friends have so much fun swimming, playing in the mud, and running through the brush – so we created a collar that can hold up to it all. These BioThane Fi Compatible collars are waterproof, odor free, easy to clean, and durable.

Bonus feature? Our Pimped Out Pup Fi collars are exclusively interchangeable with just one set of Fi Links, so you can change the color of your collar whenever you want! Don’t forget to purchase your Fi module from tryfi.com, our collars do not include the module.

Fi Compatible Collar Styles at Pimped Out Pup

We currently have 5 different categories and over 7 different styles of Fi Compatible dog collars! We have everything from a classic inline collar, to a 3/4 inch width collar for our smaller Fi friends. We’re sure you’ll find a Fi compatible BioThane collar that fits your needs.

1" Width

3/4" Width

Quick Release

On the Collar

As the Collar

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