Pimped Out Pup


From 7 inch leads to 9 foot leashes, we make them all! Get the perfect size and function for you and your pup and stop worrying about those dirty leashes. Biothane makes cleaning leashes easy and stink-free. Our leashes are not only made with high end BioThane, but we only use metal hardware – making this a heavy duty leash that will last a long time. So go ahead and choose your favorite color, you won’t regret it!

Everyday Leash

Switch our your everyday nylon dog leash for a BioThane dog leash that won’t hold on to smells, washes easily, and is super durable! You’ll no longer be bothered when your dog accidentally pees on the leash, or drags it through a stink pile of poo. Make the switch from nylon leashes to a BioThane leash today! We promise you won’t regret it.

Adjustable Leash

Our adjustable leash is double ended with 2 sliding D rings that allow it to turn into pretty much anything you need! From bandolier style, to a waist lead, a tether, and even a slip lead.

The adjustable leash is a favorite for those that want to run with their dog’s hands free, people with service dogs that want to be hands free, and that extra leash you keep in your car in case you forget the leash (and the collar – works as a slip lead).

Waist Lead

Our waist lead is custom made to clip perfectly around your waist when it’s not in use. This is a great option for people whose dogs are off-leash trained but like to have a leash on-hand for certain situations. The waist lead is also a favorite of dog trainers, groomers, Vet Techs,  and others that work with dogs on a regular basis.

Traffic Lead

The BioThane traffic lead is designed for taller dogs so the short lead can hang from the collar when not in use and easily be picked up by the handler and held when a leash is needed.

Pull Strap

Similar to the traffic lead, the pull strap is used as a leash that can simply be dropped when not in use, and easily picked up when you want to use it. The pull strap is specially designed for working dogs/service dogs and attaches at two points to a vest or harness.

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