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Welcome to our selection of BioThane leashes! These leashes are made from a durable and water-resistant synthetic material that is perfect for active dogs or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. BioThane leashes are easy to clean and maintain, and they are also gentle on the dog’s skin, making them a comfortable and practical choice.

We offer a wide range of BioThane leashes in different colors and styles, and in a variety of lengths to suit different breeds and activity levels. Whether you are looking for a basic leash for everyday use, a hands-free leash for running or hiking, or a specialized leash for training or service work, we have the perfect BioThane leash for you.

Everyday Leash

Switch our your everyday nylon dog leash for a BioThane dog leash that won’t hold on to smells, washes easily, and is super durable! You’ll no longer be bothered when your dog accidentally pees on the leash, or drags it through a stink pile of poo. Make the switch from nylon leashes to a BioThane leash today! We promise you won’t regret it.

Adjustable Leash

Our biothane adjustable leash is a versatile and convenient option for walking or running with your dog. This leash can be worn around your waist or bondelier style as a hands-free option. It can also be used as a tether to keep your dog in one place, or as a regular leash for traditional walks. The biothane material is durable and waterproof, making it super easy to clean as well as stink free! In addition, it can be used as a slip lead for quick and easy collarless control. 

The adjustable leash is a favorite for those that want to run with their dog’s hands free, people with service dogs that want to be hands free, and that extra leash you keep in your car in case you forget the leash (and the collar – works as a slip lead).

Waist Lead

A biothane waist lead is a full-size leash that offers the added convenience of being able to be worn around your waist when not in use. The waist lead comes in many sizes, allowing you to customize the length to suit your needs. When you’re not using the leash, it can easily be clipped around your waist, freeing up your hands for other activities. Whether you’re out for a hike or a leisurely walk, a biothane waist lead is a practical and convenient choice for keeping a leash on hand at all times.

The waist lead is also a favorite of dog trainers, groomers, Vet Techs,  and others that work with dogs on a regular basis.

Traffic Lead

The BioThane traffic lead is designed for taller dogs so the short lead can hang from the collar when not in use and easily be picked up by the handler and held when a leash is needed. The traffic lead is a leash that is specifically designed for use in crowded or busy areas, such as city streets or crowded public spaces; or as a quick grab option when out playing off leash on the trails. It is shorter in length than a regular leash, allowing you to keep your dog close by your side and under control while navigating through crowds or busy traffic.

The biothane material is durable and waterproof, making it perfect for any weather condition and easy to clean. Whether you have a dog who is trained to be both on and off leash, a biothane traffic lead can be a useful tool for keeping your dog safe and under control in busy environments, or in short bursts as you pass others on the trail. It’s also a great choice for dogs who may be prone to pulling or darting, as it allows you to maintain a close connection with your dog while out and about.

Pull Strap

Similar to the traffic lead, the pull strap is used as a leash that can simply be dropped when not in use, and easily picked up when you want to use it. The pull strap is specially designed for working dogs/service dogs and attaches at two points to a vest or harness.

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