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1 Inch Fi Compatible Collar (on the collar) – Series 1,2,3

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  • Compatibility: Compatible with Fi Series 1, 2, OR 3
  • Collar Width: 1″
  • Style: On the Collar
  • Hardware Options: silver, brass plated, black powder coated
  • Why Biothane? Biothane collars are the answer to today’s adventurous dog! Our biothane collars are easy to clean and don’t hold on to smells. Say goodbye to the stinky collar! With biothane you still get a sleek beautiful style collar without the high prices of leather and other materials. Choose from a number of colors and discover just how fantastic biothane is today!



  • Due to the custom nature of our products, items cannot be returned – please measure appropriately to ensure the perfect fit.
  • The Fi series 1 & 2 collars are interchangeable! All you need is 1 set of Fi Links and you can change out the colors as you please. So go ahead and purchase all your favorite colors while only paying that pesky $12 Fi Link charge once. If you don’t have a set of Fi Links, you can add them to this product below. Series 3 collars have the links permanently anchored in, and are required with purchase.
  • Collar does not include Fi Module – to purchase the module, visit The Fi Website to purchase.


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  • Series 1, 2 OR 3 Compatible

    This style collar can be made to fit the series 1, 2, or the series 3 - be sure to choose the correct series when ordering, the fi series 3 links are very different.

  • Waterproof

    Our BioThane collars are waterproof and easy to clean. Let Fido jump in the creek and roll in the mud because with BioThane it will all wash away.

  • Odor Free

    BioThane is easy to clean with just some water, soap and maybe a sponge. While your dog may love rolling in stinky things, your collar won't hold on to the stench.

  • Strong Material

    The adventurous dog deseres an adventurous collar. Our Fi compatible BioThane collars are just that! With BioThane that holds up to runs, wrestles, swims, and more without collecting smells or stains.

Fi Style Features

on the collar fi compatible collar
    • This style means less stress on the module
    • This collar has a tongue buckle for adjusting the size.

How To Attach Your Fi Series 1 or 2 Module to our Fi compatible Collar

How To Attach Your Fi Series 3 Module to our Fi compatible Collar

Make it a matching set!

Customize a BioThane Leash to match your Fi Compatible collar!

1 review for 1 Inch Fi Compatible Collar (on the collar) – Series 1,2,3

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  1. Great product, even better customer service! The product is strong, yet elegant. I have them on my three 80 lb female German shepherds. We walk roughly six miles per day and they swim regularly. The product holds up well and cleans easily.

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